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Hockey Stats Tracker for Developing Players

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Sport Onderwijs
Developer: National Spork LLC
3.99 USD

Track your developing hockey players most critical stats, like shift times and shots, without taking your eyes off the game. Please read on for important instructions and information.

Player Stats lets you easily track shift times, plus/minus, and types of shots for a single player during the course of a game. These highly individual stats are often not tracked by anyone. Knowing the number of shifts played, and the average time per shift, is incredibly valuable by itself.

The buttons on the main screen are arranged so that you can use the app without having to take your eyes off the game.

"New" clears everything to zero and starts a new game with todays date.

"Info" shows a summary screen (more on that in a bit).

Tap the timer to start timing a new shift -- it will turn orange and the clock will start counting. Touch it again to stop timing that shift.

Tap plus or minus to track plus/minus.

The four shot buttons are used to track the number and type of your players shots. These four buttons have been designed so that the two most likely needed during play, Missed and Shots on Net, are large and easy to press with your thumb without having to look at the screen. Goal Shots and Blocked Shots result in a stoppage of play -- thats why these buttons are smaller.

To record any kind of shot, simply press that button.

IMPORTANT -- DELETING SHOTS -- if you make a mistake and need to delete a shot, press and hold one of the shot buttons until the number decreases.

Access the summary screen by pressing the Info button. On this page you can turn Sound on or off. The sound option provides voice feedback whenever you press a button, which can be helpful.

On the summary screen, you can enter your players name, number, and team. You can also see the statistics of the game you tracked: the number of shifts played, the total time of all shifts, the average shift time, total number of shot attempts, the number and percentage of goals, blocked shots, missed shots, and shots on net, and plus/minus.

Use the "Email Results" button to email yourself a spreadsheet of these statistics.

Player Stats can really help you keep track of stats that are not normally tracked. It can be very helpful for your developing hockey player.